• There are plenty of options to create a compelling website. Perhaps you've already tried a few.

    Websites aren't hard. Updating them is hard. That's why so many independent business websites look five years old, or have an "events" page listing cool happenings from 2009.

    Google (and everyone else) ignores websites whose content doesn't change at least monthly. Starting at $30/month, we'll partner with you to create a clean, modern website that is optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone . You'll have a modern, search-optimized website within 24 hours of subscribing. And custom email to make sure all of your communications are as professional as they can be.

    Starting at $50/month we'll make sure your website has twice-monthly updates. We'll call you, email you, text you - whatever you prefer. You tell us what's going on in your awesome business, and we update the website. Or you can do it yourself, since we build on Wordpress, the world's easiest to use web platform. That way you can focus on your core competency: running your business. And at 9:37pm? You can relax, knowing that whole website thing is taken care of.

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  • We provide service to you through a monthly relationship. There are no long contracts, or up front design fees.

    Starting at $30/month (you can unsubscribe at any time) you'll get a beautiful website, a custom URL (www.yourbusiness.com), business email, and ongoing support. Best of all, you'll get moving quickly - we'll help reinvent (or invent) your digital presence within days.

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  • Every system needs care and feedback. Your iPhone constantly wants updates: from Apple, from the Apps you're running. Your house needs a new roof, or the lawn mowed.

    Websites are no different. Same for review websites like Yelp or advertising with Google.

    Inndii.com hosts your website in state-of-the-art data centers, with daily backups and constant security patch updates. You'll never have to worry if your website is running the latest version of whatever. We'll take care of it for you. And if you're an Inndii.com 3-pack or 6-pack client, we'll do the same for your Facebook page, Yelp page, Google Adwords campaign etc.

    So you can focus on your core competency: running your business and being a cool, happy person.


    Your customers, and as importantly, your future customers, don't use the Yellow Pages. They pull out their Android phone or iPhone and search. Or they flip to a tab on their browser and cruise Yelp, FourSquare, Facebook, and Google looking for what they need.

    These websites set the standard for design. You may not be that sensitive to it, but many independent websites are clearly, to a modern consumer, ancient looking and hard to navigate. Too many menu items. Tiny fonts. Noisy background images. FLASH videos that play automatically. MUSIC!

    Do this:

    1. Open your website, if you have one.
    2. In another window or tab, visit apple.com

    Notice a difference? 

    We'll create your website using the latest, most elegant solutions. You'll be unique, but modern. Dancing bears and animated backgrounds might have seemed a good idea at the time, but trust us, they aren't now.

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    A website is only the beginning. What about mobile? Social? Daily deals? Your online reputation?

    Chances are these platforms, which seem to change monthly (Pinterest, anyone?) are intimidating and overwhelming. But they are a huge opportunity: few of your competitors are using them to their best effect. And we'll help you master the world, using only the services that matter to you and show a clear return on investment. Starting at $125/month, Inndii.com can be your one-stop shop for all things digital.

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